A Peek Into Tessa’s Cowboy World


Dirk and Tessa were my first characters to come to life. They are complex and simple at the same time. See… Tessa has been in love with Dirk since the first time she saw him many years before our story even begins. She saw him at a party for a brilliant student of hers, Emma Juarez, who just happens to be Dirk’s niece. Emma lives with him and his young son, although Tessa doesn’t know this right away.

She meets him and sees that he is hurting badly. She doesn’t know why, but she does know that it’s just not the right time for her to swoop in and try to start something with him, so she just waits. Over the years she meets him, catches glimpses of him always watching to see if it’s the right time. Always seeing that he still hasn’t gotten over whatever it was that has hurt him. She see’s him at University functions and several graduation events with his family. Emma is quite the overachiever,  she gets several degrees. Tessa teaches economics and accounting classes, she has had a hand in Emma’s education since the beginning.

As our story begins, Emma is graduating and receiving her MBA in Finance Accounting. She has studied and is planning on taking the CPA exam as soon as she can, to get it over with. She’s been in school for too many years and she is ready to settle down with her new love interest and take over the finances at the family ranch outside of Texarkana.

Tessa finagles an invitation from Emma, who suggests that she may be a good fit for her Uncle Dirk. Emma gives her a little hint, that Dirk’s favorite color on a woman is pink. Tessa scours Dallas for the perfect pink gown to attend the graduation party that Dirk is throwing for Emma.

Later that evening, Tessa sees that Dirk is finally ready, she can see it in his eyes, the way he carries himself with confidence and majesty. At 6’6″ he has no other choice but to be regal in his Armani suit with his long dark hair and beard. He is so hot with those piercing blue eyes of his. When he sets his target on her, she feels his intensity as the water’s part and the path he takes is straight at her heart. Goosebumps erupt on her skin watching him glide over the floor coming to rest next to her. She is so nervous that she practically faints into his arms. He catches her and walks her off to a private corner of the kitchen to feed her delicate morsels to bring her back around. He is as taken with her as she is with him. He leaves her, promising a dance later in the evening.

That dance is what seals the deal. They are both taken with each other. Being older, they know what they want. They aren’t children and this isn’t their first time at the rodeo.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

Desi, Dirk’s twin sister, his complete opposite in every way, has gone missing. She hasn’t shown her face at any of the family ranch meetings. Noone has heard from her, even her best friend and business partner Alec. Everyone in the family is concerned about her missing and depends on Dirk to find her.

Desi, oh what can I say. She’s been a piece of work since day one. Tiny and powerful. A real firecracker who always seems to make bad decisions about the men in her life. There have been several occasions that brother Dirk and Alec have had to bail her out of her latest mistakes. And they are always doozies. Nothing simple there. Danger is her magnet and she attracts those bad boys with her delicious curves, baby blues and long blonde hair.  True love is what she yearns for but so far, it has eluded her. Married and divorced once, several failed relationships along the way and she doesn’t even notice that Alec is the one in love with her. He’s the one she really needs, but he ain’t no bad boy. He’s been her rock and her lighthouse always leading her back home where she is loved and safe with the family. Only this time she pushed a little too hard and that light just may be drowned out in that tumultuous raging storm that’s brewing.

So there’s a little background on some of the characters in Tessa’s Cowboy. You can pick it up at Amazon here most retailers by clicking this link if you prefer anything other than Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek and background on the characters in this epic story. It was wonderful to write and I hope you enjoy reading it.


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